Recently, my life took an unexpected turn and, well, kind of fell apart, really, under the cumulative weight of varied pressures and problems — health, social, professional, financial, marital. Naturally, I concluded there could be no better time to (or instigating cause for) starting a blog. Not long after, I decided said conclusion was, in fact, utterly misguided, perhaps even horribly, terribly wrong. Regardless, here 'tis. (And yes, I too roll my eyes whenever a film hamfistedly inserts its own title into the narrative.) As poet David Ignatow has opined, Against the evidence, / I live by choice. Or something of the sort. My thinking, I would say if pressed, as by an About page, is that others may share my (frequently intersecting) interests in Apple-related technologies, writing, and depression. As for the purple bunny.... If you know the backstory of how a giant mechanical spider wound up in the underwhelming Will Smith vehicle Wild Wild West — yeah, it's like that, only here, the spider, as it were, pitched itself.